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Trade and Commodities

Cargo Law offers tailored legal solutions to meet the diverse trading needs of our clients, supporting them through every stage of their ventures within the Trade & Commodities sector. 

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Expertise in Supply Chain Dispute Resolution

We advise clients with complex challenges related to transport, risk management and insurance. Cargo Law has extensive expertise across a diverse array of soft commodities, encompassing grains, sugar, rice, nuts, soya, coffee, oils, and seeds.

Commodity and transport related disputes

Cargo Law brings significant experience in resolving disputes in mediation, as well as LMAA, GAFTA, ICC and LCIA Arbitration.  We also assist clients where claims need to be brought in the High Court.

Maritime Casualty

We can assist clients and their insurers when they are called upon to make salvage or general average contributions.  We help clients in investigating, managing and defending claims for salvage and general average.

Trade and Commodities FAQs

Cargo Law are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

What are the common shipping related legal challenges in international trade and commodities?

Legal challenges in international trade and commodities where there is loss, damage or delay to cargo due a breach of the contract of carriage often centre around bill of lading and charterparty disputes. Payment disputes based on terms of sale are also commonplace, well as questions of regulatory compliance, sanctions, customs regulations, and issues related to insurance and trade financing.

How do maritime regulations impact trade and commodities transactions?

A number of international conventions apply to commodities shipments.  If your cargo is transported by sea, it is potentially subject to the Hague and/or Hague Visby Rules, a convention which governs liability where there is loss and damage to cargo.

Shipments by road are often governed by the CMR Convention and those by air, the Montreal Convention.  When losses are suffered during transport we can give advice as to whether a convention may assist recovering from the responsible party.

What legal considerations are relevant when dealing with disputes over the transportation of goods, particularly in the trade and commodities sector?

It is necessary to consider what contractual obligations arise from the contract of carriage, whether it be evidenced by a bill of lading, a charterparty, or other document.  The contract of sale terms are also likely to be relevant.  Also, whether there is insurance coverage, what jurisdiction and choice of law applies and the dispute resolution mechanisms available, such as mediation, arbitration or litigation.

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