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Marine Insurance

Cargo Law assists clients with questions of marine cargo insurance which arise when recovery actions need to be pursued against responsible parties.  

Marine Insurance

Marine Insurance for Recovery Claims

We assist insurers, brokers and the assured to ensure they are best placed to bring recourse actions.  We seek relevant documentation having taken time to understand client needs based on specialised market experience.

Our sensitive approach to stakeholder relationships brings clarity to the recovery process for those who are not familiar with it. We assist with the drafting and signing of core documentation to preserve the interests of clients.  

Our global relationships and English Law expertise enables us to swiftly address contractual and jurisdictional questions, advise on subrogation and assignment options, as well as recoveries. 

Marine Insurance FAQs

Cargo Law are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

What types of marine insurance are relevant to cargo claims?

Typically when a loss occurs in the course of carriage of cargo, parties will look to their cargo insurance policy to respond.  There are many different types of policy available offering different levels of coverage.  Recourse actions are important for both insurers to recoup sums paid under the policy, but also for assured where there are losses in areas where the policy does not respond.  
Recovery actions will explore if the carrier has insurance to meet any claim. 

What happens if the responsible party does not have insurance?

Any recourse action would need to be pursued directly against the party who has caused the loss.  Cargo Law can help parties identify the viability of their claims as well as the cost and risk of pursuing recovery.

What happens if the insurers will not respond due to a sanctions issue?

Sanctions issues are constantly changing and require thorough investigation on a case by case basis.  Cargo Law helps clients understand if and why an entity may be sanctioned and what affect this may have on their claim.

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